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      The Man Behind the Myth- Seeing Jesus As He Really Is
The Man Behind the Myth: Seeing Jesus As He Really Is.

by Rodney Howard-Browne
Sick of a seeing a religous, sad Jesus, then read this, October 13, 2000
Reviewer: craig rogers from New Zealand

This book cuts to the religous bone of who Jesus is. I have been to Rodney Howard Brownes meetings and the book is written exactly how he preaches. I only wish I had read this when I was a young christian instead of having a religous Son of God portrayed that was ready to condemm you at every wrong move. If you want a revitalisation,and a book thats very easy to read, plus the Gospels thrown in for good measure then I highly recommend this book

      Flowing in the Holy Spirit       
Flowing in the Holy Spirit

by Rodney Howard-Browne

Every believer can flow in the Holy Spirit.   Every believer should flow in the Holy Spirit.
God is looking for people just like you-- not perfect, but open, yielded, and eager to serve the Lord.
This is simple, eary guide to how the Holy Spirit can and will flow through you every day.   It will help you yield to the Holy spirit and understand the uses of the gifts in your life.  Be prepared for a new dimension of Christian living as you learn the secrets to flowing in the Spirit.    By Rodney Howard-Browne



   Fire in the Wax Museum

Fire in the Wax Museum

by  Bud Williams 
Like a fire in a wax museum,  the Holy Spirit is melting false religion and the traditions of men and remolding the Church into a vessel fit for the challenges of the twenty-first century.
From am Episcopal Church in Florida to international ministry, this inspiring story tells how the Holy Spirit caught a denominational church and its pastor by surprise during the Lakeland Revival.  The fiery revival that is spreading around the globe today will challenge you, dhange you, and demand that you make new choices.  This true account tells of both the joy and persecution of genuine, Heaven-sent revival.  It will make you hungry for a closer, more intimate walk with the Lord.
    When the Kingdom Comes
When the KingdomComes: Lessons from the Smithton Outpouring
by Steve Gray

New from Chosen Books, with foreword by Evangelist Stephen Hill, of the renowned Brownsville Revival. This long anticipated expository, straight-forward, confrontational book by Pastor Steve Gray, will both convict and encourage the true believer. It will cause you to examine yourself and Christianity in light of the Word of God, and no longer be content with the status quo of religion.
    Jesus Style
The Jesus Style by Gayle D. Erwin

"Gayle Erwin brings us face to face with the man Jesus, the real person who walked the dusty roads of Galilee, lived a real life in real situations with real people, and communicated the profoundest truth in the simplest terms . . .
Personally, I met Jesus in a new way reading this book, for which I am profoundly grateful."
From the foreword by Dr. Richard C. Halverson + Chaplain, U.S. Senate




        The Smithton Outpouring                                                                  The Smithton Outpouring - Revival in the Heartland (1999)

LIVE from Smithton. Experience the dynamic and explosive sounds of revival music birthed at Smithton Community Church. This power-packed project features songs by Worship Leader Eric Nuzum, Pastor Steve Gray and Don Moen, including, 'Prepare the Way,' 'Fire in the House,' 'Redeemer, Savior, Friend,' 'Return to the Lord' and 'I want to Know You More.'
the Smithton Revival, now expanded to Kansas City, World Wide Revival Church, Steve Gray, Pastor.  This was recorded live at Smithton Community Church during revival services. Over  200,000 worshippers visited the Smithton location since March 1996 .

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